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eNewsletter - Issue 36 - April 2012

Join the debate on Clinical Audit Tools website


The Clinical Audit Support Centre launched their Clinical Audit Tools website at the start of March 2012 and so far it has proved to be a success with over 150 users signing up in the first month. The new website includes lots of interactive tools to help those undertaking clinical audit work and members can watch free online lectures and take part in discussions and vote on poll of the month. The discussion board has been well received and current topics for debate include: differences between audit departments, most effective and least effective national audit, ideas for audits, etc. Remember that we welcome all users of the site and you can post comments openly or use a pseudonym if you want to retain your anonymity. All posts are reviewed by the CASC Team before they are accepted. To access the discussion board and get involved please click here.

Sir Bruce wants feedback on future plans for audit


In a surprise move for most of us working in the field of clinical audit, Sir Bruce Keogh has recently written out to those with an interest in clinical audit asking for thoughts and ideas in relation to the future direction of clinical audit. The letter starts with the opening statement 'I am writing to give you the opportunity to contribute ideas as to how we [Department of Health] manage our national programmes of clinical audit and confidential enquiries'. The letter also asks respondents to suggest current areas of work where Department of Health could do better. We understand that the letter has been circulated to members of the National Audit Governance Group and therefore this information will be shared with regional audit groups. Department of Health are also planning a quantitative online survey to canvas opinion.

Plans for professional body of auditors shelved


The Social Care Association and PARN have recently published the results of work commissioned by HQIP looking into the possibility of setting up a professional body for those working in clinical audit and quality improvement. Between October and December 2011, a total of 273 questionnaires were returned. Results show that there was considerable support for a professional body. Over 60% of respondents gave a 4 or 5 rating (5 = very important) when asked about the importance for a new body and 61% gave the same response when asked if they would join. 73% of respondents reported they were not currently part of a professional body and perceived benefits of membership included: strengthening professional identity (mean score 3.8) and raising the profile and image of the profession (mean score 3.8). Sadly, respondents were not willing to pay to support a new body with over 79% of respondents stating that they would pay less than £100 per year to be part of a new professional body. With no central funds available to help contribute to establishing the group HQIP CEO Robin Burgess concluded 'While there is some support for developing a professional body, the consultation results leave us in no doubt that a professional body is not the way forward'. To access the reports, click here.

Book now for CASC's annual audit conference

Is there one direction for clinical audit in the future or do other approaches need to be considered? Nick Black (NAGCAE Chair) has has called for a 'new vision for clinical audit in Trusts' and DH is currently asking if current structures and arrangements for support should be altered. With this in mind, CASC are holding a national conference to look at current arrangements and future plans for clinical audit. The event will include keynote speakers from Department of Health, NAGCAE and HQIP. Local audit professionals will take centre stage at the event and there will be presentations looking at the reality of being a clinical audit manager in 2012 and views on national audits. The day will feature a debate on national and local audit plus presentations on revalidation and commissioning. The conference will also feature CASC's Innovation in Clinical Audit competition and the day will be independently chaired by Dr Katherine Birch (NAGCAE members and Audit Manager of Liverpool Women's Hospital). The early-bird rate is just £100 plus VAT (£120). Places are limited. To find out more details of the conference, please click here.

Huge vote against current audit reporting arrangements for Quality Accounts


As many of you will be aware, NHS Trusts are currently expected to report results and findings of up to 57 national clinical audits via arrangements for Quality Accounts. The inaugural poll of the Clinical Audit Tools website focused on this issue and 94.7% of respondents stated that they felt that they were being asked to report on 'too many' national audits. A new poll has been added to the website and this focuses on the controversial subject of NHS Trusts being asked to pay to take part in a number of current NCAPOP Audits. Voters have a range of responses to give their opinion on this and you can cast your vote by clicking here.

CASC Distance Learning course re-vamped


CASC are delighted to announce that we have recently updated materials for our well-established accredited Clinical Audit distance-learning course. The course guidebook has been overhauled and re-formatted. In addition, to help supplement learning, all students on the course can access clinical audit lectures via our new Clinical Audit Tools website. We have also been working with our accrediting body to review the learning outcomes and content of the course to ensure this follows best practice from an educational perspective. The course involves students undertaking a local audit with expert tutor support and is perfect for clinicians who want to conduct a clinical audit of their practice for revalidation purposes. To find out more about the course, please email info@clinicalauditsupport.com

HQIP publish Standards and Curricula for Clinical Audit Learning


After prolonged debate, discussion and re-drafting of the relevant documents, HQIP have finally published their long awaited Educational Standards and Curricula for Clinical Audit. The 'Standards for Clinical Audit Learning and Development' outlines six standards for education in clinical audit. Two further Foundation and Advanced documents provide tools to allow professionals to create their own educational packages. While the standards are not mandatory, HQIP hope that their work will enable training providers to benchmark clinical audit learning and training programmes against best practice. When launching the new documents, Kate Godfrey HQIP QID Lead said 'helping organisations to ensure and assure the quality of learning and development in clinical audit is a key objective of HQIP'. To access the documents, click here.

NICE recruiting to their quality standards committees


NICE is looking to appoint a number of standing members to quality standards committees with the following backgrounds and expertise: commissioners in healthcare, GPs, social care specialists, public health specialists and experts in audit and measurement. Applicants need experience of working with multi-professional committees and strong interpersonal skills. Applicants will have a good understanding of the NHS and an appreciation of guidelines, audit and quality improvement. Commitments involve attendance at one meeting per month (Manchester or London) plus preparation work. Members are not paid but can reclaim expenses for travel and accommodation. The first committee meetings will be held in September 2012 and the deadline for applications is 18th April 2012. To find out more, visit the NICE website.

Assorted news from HQIP


HQIP have made a number of announcements in March that will be of interest to those working in clinical audit. After the introduction of the CEO and QID blogs, HQIP have now established a new Patient and Public Blog. HQIP's CEO is currently looking to recruit an Executive Support to assist in overall management functions of the organisation. The postholder will also have a major role in HQIP's bid to re-win the forthcoming Department of Health tender and applicants have until 12th April to submit applications (salary £45-56,000). HQIP are still taking bookings for their International Audit Summit in London from 26-27 April. This event features speakers from US, Spain, Sweden, France, etc and the cost to delegates is just £99 plus VAT. For more information on any of the above and other HQIP activites, please visit www.hqip.org.uk

OICAN announce details of May Day event


OICAN are the Orthopaedic Clinical Audit Network - an association of clinical audit lead clinicians and facilitators from specialist orthopaedic surgery hospitals. As part of their work, OICAN have organised their 2012 conference 'Clinical Audit in Orthopaedics' and this will take place on 1st May 2012 in Oswestry. The event features a great mix of speakers, including presentations from key national bodies such as HQIP, NICE and CASC. Speakers will also focus on revalidation, the use of PROMS locally and the National Joint Registry. The event is open to delegates outside the Specialist Orthopaedic Alliance. The full conference programme and relevant booking details are available via Alison.whitelaw@rjah.nhs.uk

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