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eNewsletter - Issue 37 - May 2012

'The State of Clinical Audit' interim report published


CASC's annual 'The State of Clinical Audit' interim report (click here to read more), which provides the views of over 150 respondents, is now available. The report focuses on data collected in December 2011 and follows on from the identical survey conducted in December 2010. The key findings are: the quality of national audits have dropped in the last 12 months (with less than 35% rating NCA's 'excellent or good'), only 33% of respondents feel 'more positive' about clinical audit compared to a year previously, 84% of respondents stated that local audits are 'more effective at improving patient care' (up from 78% in 2010), for the second year running the National Stroke Audit was voted the most effective NCA, small improvements were reported in local re-audit rates, but only 10% of respondents reported they have 'more resources available to support clinical audit' compared to December 2010. The findings will be sent to the key national bodies: Department of Health, NAGCAE, HQIP and NAGG and we will publish their comments in the final version of the report (scheduled for July 2012). We have also set up a section on the discussion board where those interested can discuss issues raised by the report. Click here to access the Discussion Board.

Important survey announced by Department of Health


The Department of Health have encouraged us to share the following information with you. The text from this point is direct from the Department itself: The Department of Health intends to re-tender the contract for the management of the national clinical audit and confidential enquiries programme when the current contract ends March 2013. This provides us with an opportunity to consider the scope of work for the organisation carrying out this function beyond March 2013. You are invited to complete a short survey which provides you with the opportunity to contribute ideas as to how we should centrally manage our national programmes of clinical audit and confidential enquiries. As well as management of the National Clinical Audit and Patients Outcomes Programme, this work includes providing encouragement, support and guidance for local and national audit as a quality improvement tool. We must also ensure that clinical audit sits firmly at the centre of all initiatives aimed at providing better care by supporting wider quality improvement initiatives. The survey will be available to complete until 5pm Friday 11 May 2012. To take part, click here.

CASC National conference and Innovation Awards


With HQIP recently announcing that they no longer plan to offer free annual clinical audit conferences, we are delighted to inform you that there is still time to register for our forthcoming national conference on 4th July. The event costs just £100+VAT per delegate and keynote speakers include: Simon Bennett (Department of Health), Robin Burgess (HQIP) and Danny Keenan (NAGCAE and CQC). As part of the day, Professor Nick Black (NAGCAE Chair, pictured) will be revealing his views on the future strategy and direction of clinical audit and the day will also feature local audit professionals giving their views on current workload, arrangements for national audits, etc. The highlight of the day will be the Clinical Audit Innovations Awards and further details of how to submit your entry can be found by clicking here. The programme for the day is available by clicking here and you can book onto the event by contacting the CASC team on info@clinicalauditsupport.com or via 0116 264 3411.

Roundtable update


CASC Director, Tracy Ruthven attended a roundtable discussion in London on 17th April organised by NAGCAE members Professor Black and Dr Birch. The meeting was subject to Chatham House Rules so Tracy is unable to provide information in terms of who specifically attended the meeting and who made particular comments. However, it is fair to say that attendees represented key clinical audit and improvement bodies and national organisations, NHS Trusts and providers of national audits. Discussions focused on: current issues facing local clinical audit staff, whether the term 'clinical audit' should be re-considered, what clinical audit is and is not, how clinical audit would be delivered in an 'ideal world'. We understand that Professor Black and Dr Birch will be reviewing the views of those who attended and more information will be provided by NAGCAE in due course.

Clinical Audit Tools website gaining momentum


In less than two months CASC's new interactive Clinical Audit Tools website has established itself as a useful resource for those undertaking clinical audit projects. Over 230 users have joined the website and the 'is it clinical audit' and 'clinical audit ready reckoner' are being widely used. The monthly poll is attracting attention with less than 8% of over 50 respondents in the April vote stating that they felt Trusts should pay for national audits. A new poll has been added and we are asking for your views on whether the name 'clinical audit' should be changed (as discussed at the recent NAGCAE national roundtable meeting). The discussion board is also producing some exceptionally valuable debate on: the quality of national audits, barriers to success in audit, views on clinical audit databases, ideas for a generic clinical audit proposal form, etc. Please take a moment to add your comments to the discussion board. We will be sending £25 to the author of the most interesting comment posted on the board in May so please get involved. Visit www.clinicalaudittools.com

Junior Doctor Clinical Audit competition update


After the huge success of CASC's annual 'Junior Doctor Clinical Audit of the Year' competition in 2010 and 2011 we are delighted to announce further details of the 2012 event. Juniors have until the 31st July 2012 to send in their abstracts and finalists will be short-listed by the 10th September. As in previous years the Finals Day will be held in Leicester in November. This year we are offering two prizes: the Martin Ferris Award (for the best audit poster as selected by Martin) and Clinical Audit of the Year (to be selected by a panel of clinical audit experts). Please inform junior doctors and colleagues of the competition and encourage them to take part. Further details of the competition, including the entry form can be found by clicking here.

CASC announce initial plans for first Clinical Audit Education Day


Following the huge success of our accredited Train the Trainer in Clinical Audit course and the release of our Clinical Audit Teaching Toolkit in 2011, we are delighted to announce provisional details for our first-ever CASC education day. This is aimed primarily at those who have previously attended the Train the Trainer course and will include: launch CASC's second Clinical Audit Clinical Audit Teaching Toolkit, a selection of the best-ever micro-teach presentations from previous Train the Trainer learners and details of how you can accredit your local clinical audit training. We will also be asking HQIP to present details of their new Standards and Curricula for Clinical Audit Learning and Development. The event will take place at Devonshire Place in Leicester and the cost of the event per learners is just £100+VAT. To register your interest, please contact the CASC Office.

Robin Burgess Blogwatch


Many of you will be aware that since September 2011, HQIP CEO Robin Burgess has been regularly posting comments on his blog. Here are a selection of his latest comments: 'It is the case that clinical audit and registries are largely not seen as having much to say about patient safety and protection. Text books of patient safety entirely fail to mention its contribution. Yet audit does help' (16th March), 'I think national audit quality is improving' (8th March), 'Most local audit (other than by junior doctors) is instigated and led by clinicians... HQIP has done a lot of work to make junior doctor audit more relevant. It's still the case that a proportion of junior doctor audit is still largely a wasted opportunity because the cycle is not complete, it feels like a tick box exercise, and little change results. This is often where local Trusts have failed to do the very sensible things recommended by HQIP in its joint guidance with the Foundation years programme...' and 'local Trusts don't get much help in acting on the findings of national audit'. (19th April). These posts give only a flavour of the wider comments made by Mr Burgess and we encourage you to read his blog comments in full by clicking here.

Sign up for the first CASC webinar


CASC are pleased to announce that after many years of flirting with the possibility of delivering a webinar, we have finally agreed to run our first live online presentation on 8th June. The webinar will last for one hour and those involved will be able to listen to presentations on CASC's new 'State of Clinical Audit' report and find out more about the Clinical Audit Tools website. Participants will be invited to vote in online polls and will have the opportunity to register their comments and ask questions. To take part in the webinar you will need a computer that allows you to access the internet and listen to audio presentations. The webinar lasts for just one-hour, although numbers are restricted to 20. To book your free place on the webinar, please send your details to info@clinicalauditsupport.com and entitle your message 'CASC Webinar'.

HQIP make a number of important announcements


HQIP have made several key announcements during the course of April including the revision of the Quality Accounts list for 2012/13. Three national audits (HMB, Schizophrenia and Falls and Bone Health) have been removed from the list as patient-level data collection will not be taking place in this financial year. HQIP have also released procurement dates for six new national audits and added a Frequently Asked Questions section to explain details of their forthcoming subscription funding arrangements. HQIP have also launched a set of patient record keeping audit tools (available in Excel) and started a second consultation on their 'Principles of Quality in NCAs' document. HQIP also hosted an international audit summit in London from 26-27 April focusing on their plans to extend their national audits and registries and build international links. For more details on HQIP's work visit their website via www.hqip.org.uk

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