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eNewsletter - Issue 41 - September 2012

Watch short films of clinical audit work in Ethiopia


The Directors of the Clinical Audit Support Centre were recently invited to teach clinical audit to healthcare professionals in Gondar, Ethiopia. This work is part of an innovative link initiative established in 1996 that includes a wide range of partners: Universities of Gondar and Leicester, University Hospitals Leicester (UHL), World Health Organisation and most recently CASC. In December 2011 CASC delivered a two-day training programme for 50 clinical staff as part of a not-for-profit visit to Gondar. The visit highlighted that clinical audit is now seen as a global tool for improving patient care and proved to us that with appropriate training in audit skills and methodology, staff with no prior knowledge of QI work and scarce resources can implement clinical audit effectively. With the assistance of Carl Walker (UHL Clinical Audit Manager) we have produced two short films that provide further details of the clinical audit work being established and carried out in Gondar. Click here to watch the films.

Great feedback for accredited CASC training courses


Since establishing the Clinical Audit Support Centre in 2006, a main aim of the company directors has been to deliver high quality training courses to healthcare professionals. CASC routinely evaluate all training courses and we have recently analysed the data from courses delivered between 2006-12. The results show that 99.5% of learners would recommend the course that they attended to colleagues and a further 98.4% stated that our training courses represented good value for money. More detailed data will be made available via the CASC website in due course and we will be drawing up an action plan on how we intend to improve all of our training courses. For information, we are currently taking bookings for a number of training courses, including Advanced Clinical Audit (9th October) and Train the Trainer (10th October). We are also recruiting for our Clinical Audit Skills distance-learning course. To find out more please contact the CASC team.

Book now for clinical audit commissioning masterclass


The Clinical Audit Support Centre are a small team who work with a wide range of experts to deliver projects and training. CASC are aware that commissioners are increasingly becoming involved in clinical audit work, but unfortunately some commissioned audits lack methodological rigour and often fail to add value. With this in mind we have been working with former NAGCAE member Martin Ferris to set up a one-day clinical audit commissioning masterclass. As a prelude to the training course, Martin delivered a presentation at the recent CASC conference in July where he concluded that ‘commissioners that omit clinical audit from contracts could be seen as lacking due diligence in the care they buy’. His presentation covered key points that he will elaborate on via his masterclass and 95% of the audience rated his presentation as ‘good or very good’. The first masterclass will incorporate sections on: why commission, what could be commissioned, monitoring models, reporting to commissioners, reporting within the commissioning organisation, etc. The first event will take place in Autumn 2012 (date to be confirmed) and is being offered at a discounted rate of £120 plus VAT. To register your interest, please contact the CASC team.

Exciting new developments planned for Tools website


Since its launch in March 2012, the Clinical Audit Support Centre’s new online resource, Clinical Audit Tools website, has proved to be a great success. In the opening five months over 400 members have joined the website and the discussion board has received over 200 comments from members. The ‘Poll of the Month’ feature has provided decisive and invaluable feedback of late, with 94% rating patient involvement in local audit as ‘poor’, 85% of respondents stating that registries should not be part of NCAPOP and 95% stating there are too many NCAs to report back via Quality Accounts. The Tools on the website are proving extremely popular and in the Autumn we plan to enhance the website by adding a number of new Tools and more footage from CASC events. We will also be inviting local clinical audit staff to provide guest blogs. To access the site, please visit www.clinicalaudittools.com

DH tender documentation focuses on high quality NCAs


Many of you will be aware the Department of Health are currently re-tendering for the local and national clinical audit contracts currently held by HQIP. The tender documents are extremely lengthy and detailed, but provide those with an interest in clinical audit a great insight into how the Department of Health view the future direction of national clinical audit. For example, the successful contractor for national audit (Lot 2) will be required to ensure that each NCAPOP audit is ‘of a high quality and continues to impact on the quality of services’. Tender documents also define the responsibilities of the successful contractor for national audit as: ‘improving the quality of bids for NCAPOP NCAs’, ‘improving the quality of existing NCAs’ and ‘improving the rigour and value of NCAs’. To access the relevant tender documents, click here.

Still time to take part in various initiatives


As ever it is a busy time in clinical audit and there are a wide range of initiatives currently nearing their deadlines. The NAGCAE consultation that has concluded that the current situation for local audit is ‘unsatisfactory and not sustainable’, is well underway. Those who wish to register their views can do so by clicking here (the consultation closes in mid-September). Meanwhile, the extended deadline for CASC’s ‘Junior Doctor Clinical Audit of the Year’ competition is now fast approaching. Entrants have until 31st August to complete the competition template and return it to CASC. To download the entry form, click here. In addition to the above, HQIP announced at the start of July that they are running a number of PPI workshops and ‘local improvement following national audit’ workshops. Places are still available on these events and you can find out more by visiting the HQIP website or by clicking here.

Read the latest NAGCAE minutes


The National Advisory Group on Clinical Audit and Enquiries met on 27th June 2012 and the minutes are now available. The minutes provide useful updates on NCAPOP and other national audits that included discussions in relation to data sharing arrangements for NCAPOP audits, methodological development and maximising the use of NCA data. The NAGCAE minutes also provide updates on clinical audit work in relation to social care and members views on time-limited NCAs. The minutes highlight important details in relation to the Heavy Menstrual Bleeding National Audit and report that this audit will have its contract ended in August 2013 (not January 2014 as scheduled) saving £125,000. To download the NAGCAE minutes, click here.

Book now for Clinical Audit for Improvement 2013


The details for Healthcare Events ‘Clinical Audit for Improvement’ conference are now available. The event will take place in London from 12-13 February 2013 and is a joint venture with HQIP. The two-day conference will be chaired by Robin Burgess and confirmed speakers include: Professor Sir Bruce Keogh, Niall Dickson (Chief Executive of the GMC) and Professor Danny Keenan (CQC and NAGCAE). The event features a raft of workshops facilitated by HQIP QID team members and there will also be presentations from over 40 local clinical audit practitioners. For the first time the event will also incorporate the HQIP Annual Clinical Audit Awards. To see the full programme of speakers and download your booking form, click here.

Message from CASC Directors


A number of users reported experiencing problems accessing the CASC business website between 15-21 August 2012. We would like to apologise for any problems that you may have encountered. Difficulties occurred for a number reasons and we would like to thank our web hosts (Gradwell) and web designer (Graham Copekoga) for collaborating to resolve these matters. We take website delivery and security extremely seriously and everyone has worked hard to resolve the problem that was beyond our control. The CASC business website is now functioning fully and can be accessed by clicking here. For information, the Clinical Audit Tools website was not affected by the IT glitch we encountered.

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