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eNewsletter - Issue 49 - May 2013

Annual Junior Doctor audit competition set to expand


Since launching the junior doctor clinical audit of the year competition in 2010 interest in the competition and subsequent Finals Day has continued to grow. We are in the process of finalising entry details for the 2013 competition and are pleased to announce that this year’s event will see CASC collaborate with other key organisations to promote and organise the competition. CASC would also like to announce that the 2013 competition will be expanded to include a new prize for the best quality improvement project conducted by a junior doctor. The clinical audit category will remain but we are keen to acknowledge that junior doctors engage in a range of quality improvement activities and therefore the competition will reflect this. We aim to release full details of the 2013 awards via the website on 16th May.

Clinical Audit Barometer measurements set for release


Many of you will be aware that the Clinical Audit Tools website features a barometer that allows teams to assess if they have the fundamentals in place to conduct effective clinical audit. To use the barometer, respondents provide ratings (from ‘strongly agree’ to ‘strongly disagree’) in relation to 10 questions. We have now had the chance to review the data submitted in 2012 and the findings are intriguing. Across the 10 statements, respondents scored most highly in relation to ‘Linking clinical audit projects to clinical governance initiatives’ (3.97) and ‘having a team member trained in clinical audit methodologies’ (3.79). At the other end of the scale, respondents scored least well in response to ‘senior staff engaging in clinical audit’ (3.06) and ‘patients being involved in the audit process’ (2.66). More detailed data from the barometer will be released very soon and if you would like to test this out in relation to your own working environment, please click here.

NICE clinical audit tool – new and improved!


NICE have asked us to report to readers of the eNews that they have been busy listening to your feedback and have recently launched their new template for clinical audit tools. Since March NICE have been producing clinical audit tools in Excel only and current versions include: a data collection sheet, a clinical audit report that provides basic information about the audit and automatically displays the audit results, an action plan template and an appendix containing a printable data collection form. For a full list of clinical audit tools published by NICE please click here. The NICE Audit team are keen to hear more from you in terms of what you think of their clinical audit tools and your experiences when using them. Please provide feedback via auditsupport@nice.org.uk. NICE would also like to invite clinical audit specialists and healthcare professionals onto an external reference group to review their clinical audit tools. Please apply to join the group here.

HQIP announce plans for their 2013 conference


The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership (HQIP) recently announced that their annual conference is set to take place from 14-15 October 2013. HQIP have urged potential delegates to save these dates and further details for the event will be released in the very near future. A central theme for the two-day event will be bringing together national audit providers with quality improvement staff and healthcare practitioners working at the coalface. The event will feature a ‘National Audit Pavilion’ exhibition area where representatives from NCAPOP audits will network with fellow delegates. More details will be provided by HQIP and we urge those interested in securing a place at the event to keep an eagle-eye on the HQIP website as demand is likely to outstrip the number of places available.

Significant Event Audit Masterclass date released


CASC are delighted to announce that we will be running our accredited one-day SEA Masterclass in Leicester on 9th July. Significant Event Audit has been gaining momentum within healthcare over the last few years and it is now a mandatory part of revalidation. Revalidation guidance published by the General Medical Council states clearly that doctors must record and report significant events, reflect on events and identify lessons learnt, plus actions must be implemented to prevent such events or incidents from happening again. CASC have previously worked with the NPSA and the Royal College of General Practice on significant event audit initiatives and we have experience of evaluating the delivery of SEA and of providing training to ensure SEA follows agreed best practice. Training is provided in Leicester, but can also be delivered as part of protected learning time sessions or in-house training. For more details on the content of the course, click here.

CASC work extending beyond clinical audit


Although CASC focus predominantly on clinical audit and quality improvement work, we are increasingly helping NHS Trusts and teams to plan and deliver a range of educational events for their staff. For example, in 2013 we facilitated the Non-Medical Prescribers conference in Leicestershire attended by NMP’s from across the East Midlands region. The event featured a number of keynote speakers, including Barbara Stuttle (Chair of the Association of Nurse Prescribers) and Professor Matt Griffiths. Feedback from the event was exceptional and we are now in the process of arranging monthly educational meetings for non-medical prescribers. If you need support in planning and delivering a range of educational meetings, then please get in touch via (0116) 264 3411 or info@clinicalauditsupport.com

Important documents released by HQIP


In April 2013, HQIP released a number of key documents that will be of considerable interest to those with a remit for clinical audit. The excellent ‘Statutory and mandatory requirements for clinical audit’ document has been updated and now includes details of the 2013/14 NHS Standard Contract, information on the NHS Licence by Monitor and changes to the Foundation Trust Annual Report and a review of NHSLA Clinical Negligence schemes. To access the document, click here. In addition, HQIP have developed a live Quality Accounts resource that now includes information on the NHS Outcomes Framework domain. Click here to find out more.

Request your CASC information pack


CASC have developed a series of promotional materials that provides you with more details of the work that we support. The wallet of information includes a set of inserts: Introducing CASC, training and accreditation, support and consultancy, sharing best practice, event management and CASC case studies. The materials provide a great overview of how we work with healthcare professionals to improve the care that they deliver and there are a number of excellent case studies that show how our work has enabled organisations and teams to collaborate with us on ventures that have improved care, assured best practice and saved money. If you would like to receive your copy, please email your name and full postal address to info@clinicalauditsupport.com

Tell your friends/colleagues about our E Newsletter


Since we launched our E Newsletter in February 2007 over 1,000 healthcare professionals have signed up! The E News is free and delivered direct to your email account every month. The newsletter provides you with a mix of CASC-related and other clinical audit news to help you keep up to date with what is happening in the world of clinical audit. Don't forget, if you have missed a previous issue of E News please visit the eNews section of our website where all previous issues are archived. Please email to sign up for your copy: info@clinicalauditsupport.com

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