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eNewsletter - Issue 51 - July 2013

NAGCAE recommendations released


The National Advisory Group for Clinical Audit and Enquiries (chaired by Professor Nick Black – pictured) has released recommendations from the consultation that they conducted in Summer 2013. The executive summary includes seven recommendations and the document states ‘these recommendations represent a change from the status quo’. Among the seven formal recommendations, NAGCAE suggest: ‘Trust Boards should create Quality Departments’, ‘Local Education and Training Boards should provide resources to ensure Quality Department staff have sufficient technical knowledge’ and ‘the National Quality Board should consider how it can encourage and support Trusts to pursue these policy recommendations’. To access the NHS England clinical audit pages and read the five-page document in full, please click here. There is already a Clinical Audit Tools debate on this, click here to add your views. You can also vote on whether you support the NAGCAE recommendations via our Poll of the Quarter. To access the poll, click here.

Consultant mortality data goes online for first time


Over the last 10 days HQIP (on behalf of NHS England) have overseen the staged publication of mortality rates for individual hospital consultants across ten specialties. Sir Bruce Keogh (NHS Medical Director) has heralded the undertaking as a ‘major breakthrough in NHS transparency’ and the data based on national clinical audits covers around 3,500 consultants. Outside of cardiac surgery, it is the first time that the performance of individual surgeons can be viewed openly online. The data is being published on NHS Choices website with seven specialties now live and bowel cancer, upper GI and head and neck set for release in Autumn 2013. To find out more, please click here.

Register interest for Clinical Audit Dragons Den Day


Clinical Audit Dragon’s Den is an interactive one-day workshop that will help you and your colleagues take a fresh look at long standing barriers and challenges relating to clinical audit. Recent studies carried out by CASC have identified a number of common problems, including: getting senior managers and board members to engage in clinical audit, audits lacking evidence of effective changes, re-audit and tangible improvements, difficulties getting patients effectively involved in audit, lack of resources, etc. The focus of the day will be to get likeminded professionals working at the coalface to collaborate and develop new solutions to ongoing problems. The first Dragons Den Day was held in 2009 and proved a great success and we hope that the forthcoming day (to be held in Autumn 2013) will include involvement of members of HQIP, NICE and NAGG. As well as offering great networking opportunities, the event will generate a series of resources that will subsequently be shared by all delegates on the course. The cost of the event is £100 inclusive of VAT and we are limited to just 16 places. To find out more, click here. To register your interest, please email info@clinicalauditsupport.com.

HQIP appoint Medical Director


At the end of June, HQIP announced the appointment of Professor Danny Keenan as their new Medical Director. Professor Keenan is widely known in QI and clinical audit circles as well as working as a Consultant Cardiothoracic Surgeon in Manchester, he is also a member of the National Advisory Group for Clinical Audit and Enquiries and has worked for the Care Quality Commission and NICE. Professor Keenan will be seconded to work two-days per week for HQIP and he will lead other clinicians involved in HQIP’s work as well as taking responsibility for leading on key aspects of HQIP’s work. On his appointment, Professor Keenan stated ‘I am extremely pleased to take on this challenge with HQIP. It will be my role, working with HQIP, to ensure we focus the clinical community on performing high quality clinical audits which realise their full potential’. CASC welcome the appointment of Professor Keenan and to read more, click here.

CASC take part in NAGG Way Forward Workshop


CASC were delighted to take part in the recent NAGG ‘Way Forward’ workshop held in London on 3rd July. The workshop was facilitated by Phil Davis (Impact Innovation Limited) and essentially focused on the current strengths and weaknesses of the group while also aiming to provide NAGG with a coherent future strategy. The event proved a great success, with open and frank debate generating lots of ideas for the NAGG executive to contemplate. For those not familiar with NAGG, the group were established in 2000 and act as the ‘network of clinical audit networks’. The group has considerable expertise and from CASC’s perspective we hope that the event leads to NAGG becoming a more effective lobby group that fight the corner of clinical audit and governance professionals. For those wishing to keep abreast of NAGG’s activities, please click here to read previous minutes of the group.

Junior doctor audit and QI competition now open


The Clinical Audit Support Centre are delighted to announce that we are now accepting entries for the 2013 Junior Doctor Clinical Audit of the Year competition. The 2013 competition marks the 4th year of the awards and we are pleased to announce that the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership are joining us as partners for 2013. In addition to the annual clinical audit competition we are also extending the awards this year to include a broader ‘quality improvement’ award category. The extension of the competition acknowledges that many junior doctors engage in a wide range of quality improvement initiatives (not just clinical audit) and we welcome entries for both categories. Full details of how to enter both competitions are available by clicking here. Entries must be received by the end of August and the Finals Day will take place in Leicester on 20th November 2013.

CASC’s ‘State of Clinical Audit’ conference lecture


On 2nd July, Stephen and Tracy delivered a keynote presentation to delegates at the HCUK audit conference in Manchester looking at ‘The State of Clinical Audit’. The presentation focused on the results of CASC’s December 2012 online survey and highlights included: respondents continue to overwhelmingly view local audit as more effective than national audit, ongoing mixed views of the quality of NCA’s, few respondents rating the level of patient involvement in clinical audit as good (only 6%) and just 17% of respondents stating they have more resources for audit than compared to 2011. The post lecture debate included a number of comments from delegates that focused on the need to improve NCA's and current resourcing issues facing clinical audit. If you would like to read the full report, please click here.

Keep up with clinical audit on Twitter


With an estimated 500 million twitter users now sending upwards of 58 million tweets per day, it was inevitable that clinical audit would join the ‘twitter revolution’. If you are not aware, it is now possible to follow the work of CASC via twitter and we now tweet updates on a daily basis. In addition, it is possible to follow the likes of HQIP, NICE, NHS Evidence, etc. and keep up-to-date with their latest announcements. HQIP are also looking at the possibility of setting up a twitter clinical audit group to facilitate conversations and the exchange of ideas between twitter users. This proposal is currently being debated via the National Clinical Audit Forum and we would encourage those interested to find out more via NCAF on the HQIP website.

Request your CASC information pack


CASC have developed a series of promotional materials that provides you with more details of the work that we support. The wallet of information includes a set of inserts: Introducing CASC, training and accreditation, support and consultancy, sharing best practice, event management and CASC case studies. The materials provide a great overview of how we work with healthcare professionals to improve the care that they deliver and there are a number of excellent case studies that show how our work has enabled organisations and teams to collaborate with us on ventures that have improved care, assured best practice and saved money. If you would like to receive your copy, please email your name and full postal address to info@clinicalauditsupport.com

Tell your friends/colleagues about our E Newsletter


Since we launched our E Newsletter in February 2007 over 1,000 healthcare professionals have signed up! The E News is free and delivered direct to your email account every month. The newsletter provides you with a mix of CASC-related and other clinical audit news to help you keep up to date with what is happening in the world of clinical audit. Don't forget, if you have missed a previous issue of E News please visit the eNews section of our website where all previous issues are archived. Please email to sign up for your copy: info@clinicalauditsupport.com

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