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eNewsletter - Issue 61 - May 2014

Book now for Train the Trainer free places


To mark the launch of CASC’s updates Clinical Audit Teaching Toolkit, HQIP have agreed to sponsor a number of Train the Trainer workshops. Each one-day course will provide learners with the opportunity to learn how to use many of the 20 resources contained in the new toolkit, plus gaining useful information on lesson planning, profiling learners, evaluating training, etc. Workshops are highly interactive, fun and will provide those who wish to undertake clinical audit training with a wide range of skills. Learners will also be given the opportunity to pay a small fee and attend a further CASC training event in order to gain a relevant teaching qualification. Dates and venues for the workshops are provisionally: 3rd June (Manchester), 4th June (Leeds), 16-17 June (London), 26th June (Bristol) and 27th June (Birmingham). Full details will be available via the HQIP website. Click here to access the relevant webpage.

HQIP are on the move!


Please be aware that HQIP have recently re-located their offices from their previous base at Holland House, Bury Street to their new address of 6th Floor, Tenter House, 45 Moorfields, London, EC2Y 9AE. HQIP’s phone number is 0207 997 7370 and their email addresses have not changed. In other HQIP news, there is just still time to make your speaker and subject recommendations for the HQIP conference in November. To make your suggestions via the Survey Monkey form, please click here. Please be aware that this survey closes at noon on 2nd May!

NQICAN minutes note NCAF to be closed


Minutes from the March NQICAN meeting identify a number of key items to report that will be of interest to the wider clinical audit and QI community. In feedback on the Communications Strategy it is noted ‘Kate Godfrey confirmed NCAF was going, and that there was not going to be a replacement’. In other news from the meeting, HQIP announced they are updating their Junior Doctors, Board and Good Governance Guides (updates will be available in the Autumn). In wider NQICAN news, it was reported that NHS England funded two days per month for Kat Young (NQICAN Chair) to support her NQICAN work and that a proposal is being put together to continue this arrangement. NQICAN are also writing a trial newsletter, conducting a feasibility study for developing their own website and have also agreed to produce annual reports detailing the achievements of the network. Kat Young also attended the recent NAGCAE meeting and access to her presentation will be available in due course. To take a look at the minutes of the meeting, click here.

Quality assure your audits via CASC


With increasing pressure being placed on healthcare providers to prove that their clinical audits are methodologically sound and improve patient care, plus the expectation that doctors are involved in ‘high quality clinical audit’ as part of their revalidation arrangements, CASC’s accredited distance learning course offers validation of in-house/local clinical audit projects. All learners on the course are assigned to an expert tutor to assist them in carrying out a clinical audit over 12 months and learners are eligible for two certificates (Planning a Clinical Audit and Conducting a Clinical Audit). All coursework is marked by CASC staff and moderated by the Open College Network thus ensuring that clinical audit projects meet a high standard. If you would like to know more about the course, please click here.

News from latest NAGCAE meeting


Members of NAGCAE met in London on 19th March and minutes of their meeting are available by clicking here. The minutes confirm that NAGCAE are in the process of appointing two new members (a clinical audit representative and a clinician from a regulatory body) and that interviews are scheduled for mid-May. NAGCAE have invited 20 experts to a meeting in June, which will identify the methodological research that is needed to improve and strengthen clinical audit. There is also interesting discussion regarding the new Quality Assessment Framework to assess the quality of National Clinical Audits (NCA) and the online self-assessment conducted by HQIP. At the meeting HQIP representatives also announced that their website is to be re-designed and this will include an improved hub for NCA providers.

Visit the Online Journal of Clinical Audits


The latest issue of the Online Journal of Clinical Audits (Volume 6, Issue 1, 2014) has recently been published and is now available by clicking here. The latest edition includes eight published audits split across four sections: leading audits, multi-site audits, original audits and re-audits. For those of you unfamiliar with the journal, it was set-up in 2009 by two NHS Specialty Registrars based in London and all articles are peer reviewed. You require a username and password to gain full access to all published articles, but the journal is free and includes a wide range of clinical audit projects. CASC are also delighted to see that a number of finalists from our junior doctor clinical audit competition have had their work published in the journal. Why not take a look?.

See CASC at the MEAN conference


CASC are delighted to announce that members of the Midlands Audit and Effectiveness Network (MEAN) have invited us to deliver a 2.5 hours workshop at their forthcoming event on 6th June. In true CASC style we have opted to deliver an unconventional workshop entitled ‘The Clinical Audit Variety Show’. This follows on from the Clinical Audit World Cup workshop that we recently facilitated at the OICAN conference. The variety show will include feedback on CASC’s annual State of Clinical Audit report, details of how we are adopting Huge Unbelievably Great Goals (HUGGs) to supplement action planning, plus much more. It is likely to be our most interactive workshop ever and we will provide feedback in due course!

2014 CASC Junior Doctor competition update


We have had a number of emails and calls with regard to our popular Junior Doctor Clinical Audit competition. CASC are delighted to announce that HQIP have once again agreed to sponsor the event and junior doctors will be invited to submit their work in two categories (a) clinical audit projects and (b) quality improvement projects. CASC are putting the final touches on the relevant entry information and full details of the competition will be featured in our June eNews and via the CASC website. Please encourage junior doctors who work in your Trust to submit entries for the competition.

Happy Easter to our friends in Ethiopia!


Following on from CASC’s educational visit to Ethiopia in 2011 to teach clinical audit to staff based at the hospital in Gondar, the CASC team have sponsored Tenawerk Tesfas to enable her to go to school. Tenawork is seven years old and lives in Gondar with her mother, father and three other siblings. Tenawork manages to shower once a week and helps her mother with various household chores, such as fetching water from the nearby well. We are delighted that Tenawork has made such a promising start to her schooling and as an Easter gift to the family we sent them an Easter parcel that included: hens, a large quantity of teff (for making inejra), vegetables, oil, coffee, sugar, saucepans, plates and cups, a kettle and a water bucket. Tenawork’s mother, Amsal is pictured. If you are interested in sponsoring a child then please visit the Kindu Trust website by clicking here.

Request your CASC information pack


CASC have developed a series of promotional materials that provides you with more details of the work that we support. The wallet of information includes a set of inserts: Introducing CASC, training and accreditation, support and consultancy, sharing best practice, event management and CASC case studies. The materials provide a great overview of how we work with healthcare professionals to improve the care that they deliver and there are a number of excellent case studies that show how our work has enabled organisations and teams to collaborate with us on ventures that have improved care, assured best practice and saved money. If you would like to receive your copy please email us via info@clinicalauditsupport.com

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Since we launched our E Newsletter in February 2007 over 1,000 healthcare professionals have signed up! The E News is free and delivered direct to your email account every month. The newsletter provides you with a mix of CASC-related and other clinical audit news to help you keep up to date with what is happening in the world of clinical audit. Don't forget, if you have missed a previous issue of E News please visit the eNews section of our website where all previous issues are archived. Please email to sign up for your copy: info@clinicalauditsupport.com

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