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eNewsletter - Issue 85 - May 2016

7th annual junior doctor competitions now open!


CASC are delighted to announce that our 2016 Clinical Audit and Quality Improvement competitions for junior doctors are now open. To submit entries, juniors simply have to read the competition instructions and enter their abstract using the template document that CASC have created. Entrants have until the end of August 2016 to submit their entries to us via info@clinicalauditsupport.com. The competition is supported once again by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership. Entries will be reviewed and short-listed in September with finalists invited to attend and display their projects as posters at the annual Finals Day in Leicester during the second-half of November (date to be confirmed). To access further details of both competitions please click here.

Can you opt out of national clinical audits?


This is an important question that CASC continue to hear whenever we deliver training sessions or meet local clinical audit professionals. Following correspondence with Charlotte Buckley (Royal Surrey County Hospital) and subsequent guidance from HQIP we are now happy to supply a definitive answer. In respect of the National Clinical Audit and Patient Outcomes Programme (NCAPOP) all NHS providers must participate in these projects if they are relevant to their services. NCAPOP is contract managed by HQIP and participation is a requirement of the NHS Standard Contract. It is worth noting that not only are NHS providers expected to participate in NCAPOP, CCG’s would default their obligations to NHS England if they did not follow up on local providers opting out of an NCAPOP project. However, the arrangements are different for all other non-NCAPOP audits on the NHS England Quality Accounts list. Those who choose not to participate in non-NCAPOP audits must state reasons for non-participation in their quality account and it is then up to commissioners to decide how to respond.

Tartan training and other CASC courses


We are delighted to announce that on 29th September the CASC team will be visiting Scotland to deliver our popular accredited Advanced Clinical Audit course. The training will be held near Glasgow and full details will be available in the next eNewsletter. However, places are booking fast so please get in touch if you require further details. In addition, we will be running the Advanced Clinical Audit course in Leicester on 16 June and 27 September. Our root cause analysis and significant event audit courses are also proving popular especially given that the CQC are often identifying problems in terms of how patient safety incidents are managed. Both courses can be delivered in-house to groups of five learners or more.

CASC leadership survey: mind the gap!


As part of CASC’s recent work looking at whether clinical audit has been successfully reinvigorated, we asked 23 delegates who attended the recent national clinical audit conference in London on 8th March to complete a short leadership survey focusing on the key reinvigoration stakeholders: NAGCAE, HQIP and NQICAN. Each delegate answered ten questions and the results raised some concerns. For example, barely half of the respondents could explain the role of NAGCAE, with only 3/23 (13%) able to identify Professor Nick Black as Chairman of the group. Respondents had a better understanding of the work of HQIP with 12/23 referencing either 'NCAPOP' or national audit in response to our question on HQIP’s key responsibility. However, only 3/23 (13%) could name the current HQIP Chief Executive (Jane Ingham), only 3/23 (13%) identified Professor Keenan as the HQIP Medical Director and only 4/23 (17%) could name a member of the HQIP Quality Improvement and Development Team. To read more on the findings of our leadership survey, click here.

CASC’s new QI course off to a great start


On 12th April CASC delivered our new ‘Getting started with quality improvement course’ in Leicester. The one-day accredited course is fast-paced, practical and fun. Training is delivered in bite-size sections with learners gaining an appreciation of clinical audit, model for improvement and plan-do-study-act (PDSA) models. The training also covers a number of patient safety and problem solving techniques taken from root cause analysis and significant event audit with learners gaining a grounding in how to use five whys, cause and effect models, change analysis, process mapping, etc. Feedback from the initial course has been excellent and we are now in the process of adapting the course for wider dissemination. If you would like to find out more, please contact the CASC team.

RCP audit hits the headlines!


Many of you will have seen the extensive media attention and coverage over the May bank holiday weekend focusing on the Royal College of Physician’s End of Life Care Audit. Although the audit report found improvements in all areas, the media focused their attention on sub-standard results. For example, the 9000 patient audit identified: 3000 patient notes where the patient’s ability to eat or drink had not been assessed on the last day of their life, data from 26 participating Trusts where there was no record of any face-to-face specialist, palliative care involving doctors at any time and no evidence that suggested do-not-resuscitate decisions had been discussed with relatives or friends in 18% of those audited. A spokeswoman for NHS England said ‘we welcome the results of the audit… but there is clearly more that can be done’. To read more from the RCP, click here.

HQIP Medical Director VLOG is imminent


HQIP have announced that their Medical Director, Professor Danny Keenan will soon be launching a series of VLOGs. If you are not clear, a VLOG is essentially a video log or diary. According to the HQIP website the VLOG’s will be issued on a quarterly basis and ‘include a digestible summary of all the latest HQIP commissioned reports, their findings viewpoints on topical QI-related news’. In addition, you can also read Professor Keenan’s latest blog that provides a commentary on the recent CQC report into heart surgery at Queen Elizabeth Hospital Birmingham that has gained significant national media coverage, by clicking here. In other HQIP news, we understand that members of the Service User Network (SUN) have also been filming to help promote their patient and public involvement resources. More details of all the above are available via the HQIP website.

myPPG website starting to gather momentum!


Earlier in 2016 the CASC team were heavily involved in helping to set up a new website aimed primarily at assisting members of patient participation groups with sharing best practice and ideas. The website, myPPG.co.uk, is free to use and members have the opportunity to access a range of discussion boards in order to share resources, discuss important matters and ask questions. The success stories section, where PPG members share examples of their work, has proved particularly popular with users. The resource is open to any patient participation group members in primary care and more details are located here.

Request your CASC information pack


CASC have developed a series of promotional materials that provides you with more details of the work that we support. The electronic pack includes information relating to: Introducing CASC, training and accreditation, support and consultancy, sharing best practice, event management and CASC case studies. The materials provide a great overview of how we work with healthcare professionals to improve the care that they deliver and there are a number of excellent case studies that show how our work has enabled organisations and teams to collaborate with us on ventures that have improved care, assured best practice and saved money. If you would like to receive your electronic copy then please email us via info@clinicalauditsupport.com

Tell your friends/colleagues about our E Newsletter


Since we launched our E Newsletter in February 2007 over 1,000 healthcare professionals have signed up! The E News is free and delivered direct to your email account every month. The newsletter provides you with a mix of CASC-related and other clinical audit news to help you keep up to date with what is happening in the world of clinical audit. Don't forget, if you have missed a previous issue of E News please visit the eNews section of our website where all previous issues are archived. Please email to sign up for your copy: info@clinicalauditsupport.com

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