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eNewsletter - Issue 105 - January 2018

Interim results from CASC annual survey


We would like to take this opportunity to thank all 176 individuals who took the time and effort in December to complete our annual online clinical audit survey. The survey started in 2010 and provides direct feedback from those working at the clinical audit coalface. We will supply more in-depth results in coming months but the main results can be accessed here. We hope to work more closely with NQICAN and the regional networks in 2018 to use the results positively and help bring about changes. Certainly the data from last month raised some clear concerns, for example: 32% stating they felt more positive about clinical audit than a year ago (36% reported they felt more negative) and only 7% stated they had more local resources for clinical audit than a year ago (46% answered they had ‘less resources’).

SSNAP voted most effective NCA again!


Congratulations once again to all those involved in the Sentinel Stroke National Audit Programme (SSNAP) voted ‘most effective’ national clinical audit by respondents to our recent annual clinical audit survey for the eighth consecutive year! Once again, SSNAP won by a wide margin, achieving almost twice as many votes as the next best rated NCA. On the flip side, the National Audit of Psychosis (NCAP) run by the Royal College of Psychiatrists was voted the ‘least effective NCA’. NCAP was the clear leader in this category gaining 27 votes compared to just 6 for the second ranked NCA. Members of the clinical audit community have raised concerns with CASC in relation to NCAP (see below for how we plan to take this information forward and use it constructively). Click this link here, for more details of results from our annual survey.

Feedback on NCAP


Many of you working in Mental Health and Partnership Trusts will have taken part in the recent National Clinical Audit of Psychosis. This NCA is part of the NCAPOP and is run by the Royal College of Psychiatrists. As part of our Summit for Mental Health and Community Trusts held in November 2017 we were asked to look at this audit in more detail and we have subsequently collected a range of concerns raised by participants of the audit. We are now at a stage where we will be sharing these concerns with the NCAP Team, HQIP, NQICAN, NHS England and local audit staff. Our plans are to first produce an infographic highlighting key concerns, followed by a more detailed report. We hope the feedback we have helped collate from participants can be used to enhance the NCAP and other subsequent national audits. Watch the CASC website and Twitter for more details.

CASC collaborating with Healthcare Conferences UK


We are delighted to be able to announce that CASC have already lined up three events with our friends at HCUK for Spring 2018. On 9 February we will deliver a talk entitled ‘Mental Health Clinical Audit: the local perspective’ as part of the Clinical Audit for Improvement in Mental Health conference, click here for details. On 5 March we will be exhibiting at Clinical Audit for Improvement in London and delivering a 90-minute workshop looking at how results from our annual survey can be used pro-actively to improve the delivery of local and national clinical audit. Click here for more details of this conference. We are also running our popular Clinical Audit Masterclass for HCUK on 16 April 2018. Click here to find out more. When booking for the conferences in February and March use the ‘hcuk20casc’ code to instantly gain a reduction of 20% on the cost of your booking.

Book now for an accredited course


New year is always a great time to embark on a new course and gain an accredited qualification. With this in mind, please be aware that we are running a number of courses in March and April 2018, including Advanced Clinical Audit, Train the Trainer in Clinical Audit and our Root Case Analysis Masterclass, click here for more details. Learners can join our distance-learning course in clinical audit at any point. We also offer a range of clinical audit, quality improvement and patient safety courses that can be delivered in-house so please get in touch if you are looking for training support.

Updated website is coming soon


As we have previously reported we are working hard to update our website and many of the materials that we have produced since CASC started back in 2006. Many of you may have seen our new logo via various resources that we produce, e.g. the weekly jobs bulletin released every Monday. We are conscious that our website is now looking 12 years old and therefore we are working to update this. The updated website is nearing completion and we hope this will be live in Spring 2018. It will include lots of new resources plus sections on patient safety and quality improvement. Watch this space for more details and our Twitter account for new resources.

Request your CASC information pack


CASC have developed a series of promotional materials that provides you with more details of the work that we support. The electronic pack includes information relating to: Introducing CASC, training and accreditation, support and consultancy, sharing best practice, event management and CASC case studies. The materials provide a great overview of how we work with healthcare professionals to improve the care that they deliver and there are a number of excellent case studies that show how our work has enabled organisations and teams to collaborate with us on ventures that have improved care, assured best practice and saved money. If you would like to receive your electronic copy then please email us via info@clinicalauditsupport.com

Tell your friends about our eNews


We first launched the CASC e-Newsletter in February 2007 with the aim of providing those with an interest in clinical audit and QI with a free regular monthly update. Since that time hundreds of subscribers across the world have joined our circulation list. The newsletter provides subscribers with a mixture of CASC-related and other clinical audit, quality improvement and patient safety news to help you keep up-to-date with current events. Don’t forget that if you have missed a previous issue of the newsletter then you can visit the eNews section of our website where all previous issues are archived. If you wish to sign up for your own copy or know others who may be interested then please email: info@clinicalauditsupport.com

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