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How we can help with nurse revalidation


In April 2016, the Nursing and Midwifery Council implemented revalidation for all nurses and midwives. In a nutshell and much like doctor’s medical revalidation introduced in 2012, revalidation is effectively an MOT, or fitness-to-practice test whereby all nurses demonstrate that the care they deliver is safe, up-to-date effective and professional.

Each nurse must take personal responsibility for their revalidation and to assist with this process the NMC have created a plethora of guidance documents, templates and short films. We have supplied links to a number of helpful resources and these can be found at the bottom of this page.

Here at the Clinical Audit Support Centre we are aiming to help nurses meet their revalidation requirements and to make this process as simple and pain-free as possible. With this in mind, we have designed a number of accredited one-day courses and compiled a range of resources that will particularly help nurses to meet their following revalidation requirements:

  • Undertake a minimum of 35 hours Continuing Professional Development (CPD) of which at least 20 must be participatory learning
  • Obtain five pieces of practice-related feedback
  • Provide five written reflective accounts that explain what you have learnt from CPD, feedback or an event/experience in your practice
  • Undertake a reflective discussion with another NMC registrant.

To some this list of requirements may look daunting, but much of the work that we support and offer accreditation in – clinical audit, significant event audit, root cause analysis, quality improvement methods, etc. – can all be used to help generate evidence to meet revalidation requirements.

Our one-day accredited courses offer a minimum of 7 hours participatory CPD learning and nurses who go onto conduct the post course short written assignment paper will gain at least a further 3 CPD hours. Click here to see the full list of courses that we offer.

Our distance-learning qualification in clinical audit has helped many doctors meet their revalidation obligations. Learners on this course undertake a clinical audit project relevant to their care over the course of one-year. All learners gain expert tutor support and the course has the potential to help nurses gain evidence for each of the four requirements in the bullet-list above.

We would particularly advise nurses to learn more about significant event audit and root cause analysis, as these are excellent risk management techniques that often stem from practice feedback (incidents, complaints, survey comments, etc.) and that will result in reflective discussion and reflective accounts that will evidence how changes and improvements have been made.

Based on our experience of working with doctors on their revalidation, our five key tips to help you meet your revalidation requirements are:

  • Read the NMC guidance thoroughly! (see below)
  • Read the NMC guidance thoroughly! (see below)
  • Get started on building your portfolio and generating evidence
  • Make audit, risk management and other QI tools your friends!
  • Go the extra mile: include evidence that demonstrates the IMPACT you have (e.g. showcase changes / improvements / better outcomes)

Useful publications and books:

The following resources will assist you gain a better appreciation of both clinical audit and significant event audit:

Clinical Audit Support Centre, Clinical audit: a guide

Steven Collis, A review of the literature on the nurse role in clinical audit. Click here.

Dominique Askey, Best Practice in Audit Click here.

Robin Burgess, New Principles of Best Practice in Clinical Audit. Click here.

National Patient Safety Agency, Guides to Significant Event Audit Click here.

Useful websites:

RCN Website

The RCN website includes a section with Quality Improvement Tools. This includes further details for nurses focusing on: clinical audit, clinical effectiveness, learning and networking, patient safety, quality improvement tools and techniques and quality indicators. Click here.

Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

IHI offer a vast range of resources and teaching tools to help healthcare professionals lead effective improvement efforts, enhance clinical outcomes and reduce patient safety incidents. IHI Open School includes many online tutorials that nurses will find interesting and inspiring. Click here.

You Tube

The Clinical Audit Support Centre have created a short film to that explains how to carry out a successful local clinical audit project. Click here to view.

NMC Revalidation:

CASC approve of the following resources. All will help nurses gain a much better appreciation of their revalidation process. The short films are particularly useful and last no longer then a few minutes each.

NMC’s Revalidation Step-by-Step Guide. Click here.

Revalidation overview (short film) Click here to view.

Revalidation what it means to you (short film). Click here to view.

Revalidation: practice based feedback (short film. Click here to view

Revalidation: written reflective accounts (short film). Click here to view