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Training Diary 2018

18 October Advanced Clinical Audit

24 October Train the Trainer in Clinical Audit

25 October Root Cause Analysis Masterclass


The Clinical Audit Support Centre excels in the delivery of high quality training courses. We are committed to organising courses that are theoretically sound and methodologically correct, but that attendees also find practical, interactive, fun and inspiring. We have developed a range of training courses that cater for healthcare professionals of differing backgrounds, abilities and experience. All of our courses are accredited and all of our trainers possess academic qualifications in the subjects that they teach as well as teaching qualifications.

What do attendees think of our courses?

The Clinical Audit Support Centre has a reputation for running excellent training courses. In 2011 the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership commissioned our Clinical Audit Teaching Toolkit for wider use in the field of clinical audit and we have also developed online training materials for national bodies. We regularly assess our training courses and data from a study we conducted in 2012 showed that 99% of learner who had attended out training between 2007-2012 would recommend our courses to others. Further, in 2015 we conducted a survey of all learners who gained accreditation via our Advanced Clinical Audit, Train the Trainer in Clinical Audit and Clinical Audit Distance Learning Courses and 100% stated that the course represented value for money.

The courses we offer – in Leicester and on-site

The Clinical Audit Support Centre offer a range of courses that relate to improving patient care and quality assurance in healthcare settings. Courses are regularly held in Leicester but can be conducted on-site to save travel costs. The following section provides details of each course that we deliver and you can click on the PDF to access the relevant course flyer.

Advanced Clinical Audit

The Advanced Clinical Audit course covers everything you need to know about clinical audit in one day! The course explains the clinical audit process in detail and attendees will leave with a full appreciation of clinical audit and will be able to deliver their own clinical audit projects. Advanced Clinical Audit also covers challenging issues that audit professionals face, e.g. overcoming typical barriers to successful audit and how to get patients involved in clinical audit work. The course is accredited by the Open College Network (at Level 3) and further details can be found by clicking here.

Train the Trainer in Clinical Audit

Train the Trainer in Clinical Audit is the ideal course for those who have to train and inspire others to take part in clinical audit work. The course was established in 2008 and has received 99% positive feedback from delegates. Content includes information on how to develop suitable lesson plans, profiling learners, assessing learner needs, getting the environment right for learners, etc. Delegates receive training packs and memory sticks with sample training materials and all learners deliver a ‘micro-teach’ where they practice their training in front of a small, friendly audience. The course is accredited by the Open College Network. Click here for more details.

Clinical Audit Skills Distance Learning Course

If you need support to deliver a local clinical audit project and/or want to know more about clinical audit but can’t attend an external training session then this course is perfect for you! The CASC Distance Learning course allows healthcare staff to learn about clinical audit by carrying out a project in their own workplace. All learners receive a comprehensive learner pack and are assigned a tutor who assists them in delivering a successful project over a period of up to 12 months. The course is accredited by the Open College Network and on successful completion learners receive certification for planning an audit project and completing an audit project. For more details, click here.

Root Cause Analysis Masterclass

Given the ever-increasing focus on patient safety many healthcare teams are now use root cause analysis techniques to review incidents and untoward events. RCA is an established approach that essentially helps us understand why something went wrong. First used in the manufacturing sector, RCA has gained many supporters: including NASA, the aviation industry and more recently, the NHS and healthcare bodies. This course provides learners with a full overview of the RCA process and practical opportunities to try out techniques such as: five whys, fishbone analysis, creating run charts, process mapping, brainstorming, nominal group technique, etc. This is an accredited course and all learners also receive a copy of our comprehensive root cause analysis guide. For more details, click here.

Significant Event Audit Masterclass

Significant Event Audit (SEA) is a risk management technique endorsed by the former National Patient Safety Agency and now an explicit part of medical revalidation. For many years, SEA has commonly been used by general practitioners and is now starting to be championed by other healthcare professionals. SEA is a quick and user-friendly process that helps to reduce patient safety incidents and build communication and teamwork. This one-day course covers all aspects of SEA and is accredited by the Open College Network. Learners who attend will leave with key skills to set up and facilitate local SEA meetings. For more details, please click here.

Significant Event Audit and Root Cause Analysis in one Day

Increasingly healthcare professionals and teams are expected to deliver safe care to patients and to ensure that they help maintain safety by employing a range of established risk management techniques and tools. Indeed, in 2013 Donald Berwick stated that patient safety should be the number 1 priority of the NHS. This course provides learners with an opportunity to gain key skills in both significant event audit and root cause analysis in the just one day. Learning is fast-paced and practical plus all learners will be provided with a wide range of relevant materials that can be applied after the course. In addition, the course is accredited via the Open College Network so learners can study for the relevant qualification. For further details, click here.

Healthcare Leadership Day

People often settle for mediocrity… why? This challenging one-day workshop focuses on excellence and is relevant to all healthcare professionals, especially those working in the field of quality assurance. To date the course has received 100% positive feedback and learners look at what the top 2% of successful people do that the other 98% don’t! The workshop is highly interactive, informative and fun. If you attend with an open mind, it has the power to change the way you work and perhaps even your life! Click here for more details.

Other courses

The Clinical Audit Support Centre have expertise in delivering a wide range of accredited training courses. If you need training in a subject not listed above, please contact us. We have access to a wide range of consultants who will be able to meet your needs.



The Clinical Audit Support Centre is an Open College Network West Midlands Region (OCNWMR) recognised Centre. OCNWMR quality assures and accredits a wide range of courses for adult learners. CASC have developed a range of training courses in partnership with OCNWMR and these enable healthcare professionals to study for relevant vocational qualifications. Our work with OCNWMR assures learners that the training we deliver has been validated by an Ofqual-regulated national awarding organisation.

Find out who facilitates training


All courses are delivered jointly by Tracy and Stephen. Both Tracy and Stephen are experienced trainers with an exceptional reputation for facilitating workshops and interactive sessions. Training courses provided by the centre are quality assured as both trainers possess relevant qualifications. For example, Tracy gained her Masters in Managing Quality in Healthcare from the University of Birmingham in 2006, while Stephen has a range of qualifications, including his Certificate in Clinical Audit Support from University of Leicester. In addition, both Tracy and Stephen possess two nationally recognised teaching qualifications.

Find out how training can be delivered

The Clinical Audit Support Centre aims to provide training that meets the needs of the learner. Therefore, training can be delivered in a number of formats.

Tailor-made courses – these courses are designed to suit the needs of you, your staff and your organisation. Tailor-made training sessions will be delivered at a venue of your choice and our trainers will travel to you. In such instances, you will be expected to source and pay for the venue and publicise and co-ordinate the event. Members of the Clinical Audit Support Centre will facilitate the training and provide all materials. We recommend that the number of delegates per session is limited to a maximum of 20 learners, although this is negotiable.

National courses – our ‘national’ courses take place in Leicester, a location that is a convenient and central for delegates to access from across the UK. To ensure that delegates on our national courses receive high quality training the number of participants is typically limited to 12.

Distance-learning courses – we appreciate that not all people and organisations have the time and resources to deliver local training sessions or attend training in Leicester. With this in mind we offer our Clinical Audit Skills Course in a distance-learning format. This is ideal for individuals who want to learn about clinical audit from the comfort of their own office or home. All learners who participate in our distance-learning courses receive one-to-one mentor support.

Find out how to book

Please contact the centre to book places on national courses or to discuss your training needs either by telephone or via the contact us section of the website. If you have any additional questions about our training, we would be happy to answer these for you. For further information please contact us