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eNewsletter – Issue 31 – November 2011

CASC celebrate 5 years in business


Members and friends of the Clinical Audit Support Centre assembled at Rainbows Hospice in Loughborough on 18th October 2011 to celebrate five years since the business was established in 2006. The day kicked off with a short presentation from Tracy and Stephen reflecting on the work of the centre and was followed by Alison Cooke (Director of Care at the Rainbows) providing an account of the work of the children’s hospice. In the afternoon, attendees were treated to an interactive workshop led by Andy Whittaker (a member of the Art of Brilliance team). CASC would like to thank all of those who attended, especially a number of colleagues who travelled from Torbay, Manchester and London. We would also like to thank the wider clinical audit community for their support since 2006. It has been a privilege working with you and we will try our best to fight the corner of local audit staff as much as we can in these difficult times!

HQIP announce a raft of new NCAPOP audits


HQIP is pleased to announce that eleven new topics for National Clinical Audit (NCA) are to join the 29 already forming the National Clinical Audit and Patient Outcomes Programme (NCAPOP). New audits include: Prostate Cancer, Breast Cancer, Ophthalmology and COPD. A total of 39 proposals for new NCA’s were evaluated by NCAAG against explicit criteria and the HQIP news release states that these were of ‘unprecedented quality’. To view the 39 proposals in more detail, click here. The eleven new NCA’s will be phased in during 2011-13, bringing the total NCAPOP audits to 40. For information and to help stimulate debate on this matter, CASC Director, Stephen Ashmore, has started a discussion looking at this in more detail on the National Clinical Audit Forum. This has already sparked widespread debate among local clinical audit professionals. To join the debate you need to be an NCAF member – click here.

CASC’s ‘State of Clinical Audit’ report published online


In December 2010, the Clinical Audit Support Centre, in conjunction with SNAP surveys, conducted a survey of those with an interest in clinical audit. A total of 182 respondents completed the anonymous survey, 67% of who classified themselves as ‘clinical audit professionals’. The results of the survey provide a fantastic barometer of the state of clinical audit at the end of 2010 and data includes views on national clinical audit, the re-invigoration agenda, re-audit data and clinical audit resourcing. We would like to thank all of you who took time to complete the survey and we are delighted to announce that we plan to re-run it again in December 2011. We have also made the results of the survey available to the Department of Health, HQIP, NCAAG and NAGG and we plan to report their responses to the document later this year. Click here to read the report.

CEO’s key messages from the HQIP conference


HQIP’s annual conference took place in Manchester from 10-11 October. The event was chaired by HQIP CEO Robin Burgess (pictured) and his key messages in his opening address to delegates included: ‘I am aware of the burden of national clinical audits’, ‘unless audit is successful and driving improvement it will wither’, ‘improving local clinical audit is to the fore’, ‘the national budget for clinical audit has increased’, ‘clinical audit is a mechanism for identifying savings in practice’ and ‘clinical audit is more important than ever’. Those who were unable to attend the event can access more thoughts from Mr Burgess via his online blog, click here.

Other key moments from the HQIP conference in Manchester


We are aware that many clinical audit professionals were unable to attend the HQIP conference owing to inevitable restrictions on numbers. Overall, we found the event useful in terms of networking and speaking to local clinical audit professionals. For those of you who were not able to attend, the key discussion points from the event were the HQIP awards (click here to see the posters from the finalists) and the current state of and future plans for national clinical audits (NCA’s). The final plenary session of the conference looked at whether there is value in setting up a professional body for quality improvement professionals, but it was disappointing to see that many delegates did not stay for this. Perhaps the key message from the event came from Sir Bruce Keogh (NHS Medical Director) who on Day 1 promised to ‘jetison’ NCA’s that do not improve patient care, don’t offer good value for money to the taxpayer and/or don’t deliver in terms of methodology. Sir Bruce also stated that ‘local and national audit are fundamental to quality improvement’. We look forward to the published results of the conference evaluation from HQIP in due course. Speaker presentations from the event are currently available via the HQIP website.

HQIP Annual Review 2010-11 is now available


Those interested in the work and future plans of HQIP will be keen to read their latest Annual Review entitled ‘Consolidation and Expansion’. The readable eight-page document gives a great insight into HQIP’s work programme and outlines how they have supported local and national audit. The review includes a section entitled ‘what we have excelled at’ and there is a funding summary that provides full details of HQIP’s Ł12.7 million annual income received up to March 2011. The review states that ‘feedback suggests a rise in the quality of national clinical audits funded and supported by HQIP’ and the ‘in the future’ section outlines HQIP’s plans for 2011-12. Click here to read HQIP’s Annual Review.

Does clinical audit need a new professional body?


HQIP are continuing to explore whether there is a need to create a professional body for quality improvement. This work has been a key deliverable for HQIP since they were established in 2008 and in 2011 HQIP commissioned a survey in partnership with the Social Care Association and conducted by the Professional Associations Research Network. The purpose of the survey is to canvas views on whether a professional body would be of value. The survey looks at what functions a professional body could have and how much members would be willing to pay for the service. The survey is quite difficult to complete as respondents are being asked to simultaneously make value judgments on a non-existent entity. Despite this, the CASC team would encourage all clinical audit staff to take part in the survey. Click here to register your views.

NCAAG are looking for a social care professional


The National Clinical Audit Advisory Group (NCAAG) is currently looking for a new Social Care Representative to join their Committee. The successful candidate will be a social care professional with at least five years experience of working at a senior level and will have experience of committee work at a senior level. The timing of the vacancy coincides neatly with national plans to extend clinical audit to social care settings and HQIP’s recent partnership working with the Social Care Association. Those interested in applying for the NCAAG position can find out more via the Appointment Commission website or by clicking here. The closing date for applications is 14th November 2011.

Over 50 places taken on the Junior Doctor Event


A total of 50 delegates have signed up for our Junior Doctor Clinical Audit event taking place in Leicester on 17th November. The event incorporates CASC’s ‘Junior Doctor Audit’ of the year competition and we are delighted to announce that we are extending the number of awards this year to incorporate the ‘Martin Ferris Award’ for the audit Martin selects as the best on the day. The event will focus on the work of the junior doctors and confirmed speakers include: Andy Cope (How to be Brilliant) and Karen Powell (Trust Me, I’m a Clinical Audit Manager). Kate Godfrey from HQIP will be providing national updates, the CASC Directors will be looking at ‘The State of Clinical Audit in 2011’ and the winners from 2010 competition will be on hand to present their audits. The cost of the day is just Ł125 plus VAT and more details can be obtained by emailing info@clinicalauditsupport.com. Click here to find out further details.

CASCexcel spreadsheet update


In September 2011, the CASC team launched our first generic excel spreadsheet which helps healthcare professionals to collect and analyse data for simple clinical audit projects. A number of users encountered problems as they do not have up-to-date IT and as a result have not been able to open the xlsx file. We are working on developing an xls file that will enable users who cannot open the xlsx file to utilise the spreadsheet. This will be available in December and we will supply more details in the next issue of the E Newsletter. Visit the CASC homepage to access the xlsx CASCexcel spreadsheet.

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