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eNewsletter – Issue 29 – September 2011

Self analysing generic excel spreadsheet now available


CASC’s ethos has always been to make clinical audit simple and accessible to those who are expected to participate in it and with this in mind we are delighted to announce the release of the first in what will be a series of simple-to-use excel spreadsheets for audit. Stephen and Tracy have long been advocates of using self-analysing excel spreadsheets and we first adopted this approach in 2005 when working with a group of local community pharmacists. Commenting on the tools, CASC Director Tracy Ruthven said ‘these excel spreadsheets are super simple and should help those undertaking clinical audit projects to save valuable time given that the data analysis, red-amber-green coding and graphs are all built into the package’. To find out more about the excel spreadsheet we have developed in conjunction with KALU Training and Consultancy, please click here.

Details of 2011 Junior Doctor Audit Event announced


CASC are delighted to be able to release details of their forthcoming conference on 17th November that will incorporate the finals of ‘Junior Doctor Clinical Audit of the Year’ 2011. A total of 109 entries were received and the standard of audits was excellent with 70 authors shortlisted to present their audit posters at the conference. In addition, the day will feature a number of inspiring speakers, including Kate Godfrey from HQIP, Andy Cope looking at what it takes to be brilliant, Karen Powell’s ‘Trust Me, I’m a Clinical Audit Manager’, the CASC Directors looking at ‘The State of Clinical Audit in 2011’ and the three juniors from 2010 (pictured) all presenting their winning audit projects from last year. The cost of the event has been capped at just £125 per person and this includes free onsite car parking and all refreshments. In addition, there are discounted rates for group bookings. To find out more, please click here. To obtain your booking form, please email info@clinicalauditsupport.com.

What do you think of plans for NCA by subscription?


The Clinical Audit Support Centre were first made aware of plans to change nine current National Clinical Audits (NCA’s) to a new model of payment by subscription at the Healthcare Events annual clinical audit conference in February 2011. With this in mind CASC Director, Stephen Ashmore, created a discussion topic on the National Clinical Audit Forum (NCAF) regarding this important matter that has quickly become the second most commented upon topic in the history of NCAF. However, only a small proportion of NCAF members have responded and given that the Department of Health are still considering plans for NCA by subscription we encourage you to take part in the debate and pass on your opinions both for and against NCA by subscription. You can access the forum via the HQIP website.

CASC’s E News is changing!


You may already be aware of the fact, but after five years we have decided to upgrade our e Newsletter and from September 2011 we have started to use MailChimp. The first MailChimp E News was sent out to members on our mailing list on 8th September and the feedback has been positive. Mailchimp allows us to add lots of new features such as forward to a friend, like on Facebook and post to Twitter. It will also enable us to manage our distribution list more effectively. However, we are aware that a few members did not receive the new E News and this is why we are re-sending the September E News in the ‘old version’. If you have already read the content we apologise for re-sending this to you. We hope to move over fully to MailChimp over the next few months but we need to make sure that this will not cause any problems for staff with NHS email accounts. Please bear with us while we make this transition.

HQIP request your views on educational curricula


HQIP are seeking a wide range of views on their draft curricula and standards for education in clinical audit and those wishing to take part in the consultation process now have until 23rd September to report their views. The work produced by HQIP in this field to date is vast and those interested in passing on their comments are asked to examine five documents: ‘Training and education consultation guidance’, ‘Standards for clinical audit learning and development’ and three sets of Curricula at a Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level. We also understand that HQIP are looking at the possibility of establishing a professional body for clinical auditors and discussions on further consultation for this will be taking place during the coming months. To find out more, visit the HQIP website.

Important CASC reports set for Autumn 2011 release


CASC are putting the final touches to two important reports that provide an independent and invaluable viewpoint on the current state of clinical audit in the UK. The first report focuses on the findings from reviewing all clinical audit vacancies advertised on the NHS jobs website since July 2009. The headline finding of this report is that the number of vacancies has decreased by 37% from 2009-10 to 2010-11. The second report examines the views of 182 respondents to our online survey conducted in conjunction with SNAP surveys in December 2010. The findings of this report provide an interesting and invaluable view of how those working in clinical audit consider key issues such as: resourcing for clinical audit, the effectiveness of national and local clinical audit, re-audit rates, etc. Findings from both reports will be presented at the National Audit Governance Group on 15th September. We are also asking other key national organisations for their views on the report and will include these in the final version.

New CASC course dates released


We would like to announce new dates for our popular Advanced Clinical Audit Training course on 6th December and Train the Trainer in Clinical Audit on 7th December 2011. Both courses are accredited and will take place in Leicester. As part of the Train the Trainer course we will be showcasing our new Clinical Audit Teaching Toolkit. We also have places available on our one-day Healthcare Leadership course scheduled for 26th January 2012 and we are working with Dr Katherine Birch (NCAAG clinical audit) on developing a course focusing on best practice in data collection and data analysis for clinical audit. For more details, please contact info@clinicalauditsupport.com.

Healthcare Events become Healthcare Conferences UK


Many of you will be familiar with Healthcare Events who are responsible for running a range of conferences and study days across the UK each year. We would like to make you aware that Healthcare Events have altered their name to Healthcare Conferences UK and their new website is www.healthcareconferencesuk.co.uk. CASC are collaborating with Healthcare Conferences UK on a number of initiatives, including the annual 2012 clinical audit conference set to take place at the King’s Fund in London from 7-8th February next year. If you have any suggestions for topics or speakers who you would like to see on the programme, please contact us and we will pass this onto the organisers.

Tell your friends/colleagues about our E Newsletter


Since we launched our E Newsletter in February 2007 over 1,000 healthcare professionals have signed up! The E News is free and delivered direct to your email account every two months. The newsletter provides you with a mix of CASC-related and other clinical audit news to help you keep up to date with what is happening in the world of clinical audit. Don’t forget, if you have missed a previous issue of E News please visit the community section of our website where all previous issues are archived. Please email to sign up for your copy: info@clinicalauditsupport.com

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