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eNewsletter – Issue 32 – December 2011

Junior Doctor Clinical Audit Awards: and the winners are…


On 17th November 2011 the finalists for ‘Junior Doctor Clinical Audit of the Year’ assembled in Leicester. The event incorporated presentations from the 2010 winners, plus guidance on how to deliver effective clinical audit from NICE and clinical audit professionals. The winners of the ‘Martin Ferris Award’ were Drs Lees, Harrison and Reed from Northumbria Healthcare Trust. Clear winners (pictured) of the ‘Junior Doctor Audit of the Year’ competition were Drs Maughan, Eyre, Hanna, Fawcett and Reckless from John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford for their ‘An Apple a Day keeps a VTE at bay’ poster. We thank all of those junior doctors who took time to participate in the competition and we will be supplying further details regarding the posters and the event in due course.

CATT resource now available via HQIP website


We are delighted to announce that CASC’s Clinical Audit Teaching Toolkit is now available via the HQIP website. The resource has been developed by Stephen and Tracy and features a range of training materials that will help local clinical audit staff deliver interesting and interactive training sessions. The materials have been extensively tested by the CASC team and following an approach to HQIP earlier this year, Kate Godfrey agreed to commission the resource from CASC and make it freely available to the wider clinical audit community. The resource includes card sort activities, quizzes and our Florence Nightingale video. If you would like to gain a teaching qualification and formal training in how to use the resources, please request details of our popular Train the Trainer in Clinical Audit course via info@clinicalauditsupport.com. To access the Teaching Toolkit and download the training guide and resources, click here.

CASC’s independent annual survey returns


In December 2010, CASC joined forces with Snap Surveys to conduct our first annual survey of clinical audit. The initiative proved a huge success with over 180 respondents completing the online survey that included questions on: the state of national clinical audit, local re-audit rates and local resourcing for clinical audit. The results of the survey were subsequently made available via a short report (click here for details) and key national bodies such as the National Clinical Audit Advisory Group presented findings from the survey at key national meetings. In true clinical audit traditions, this year’s survey adopts exactly the same questions as the 2010 survey and will be available online from 6-20 December. Respondents provide anonymous data and the survey takes just ten minutes to complete. Further details will be emailed out to all CASC e-Newsletter subscribers and we will also provide a link via the CASC homepage. Please take the opportunity to register your views and to encourage colleagues to take part.

National audit update: HQIP outlines a strategy for improvement


Almost four years after taking over responsibility for managing the National Clinical Audit (NCA) Programme, HQIP have announced that they are being supported by the Department of Health to implement a new four-point initiative designed to improve aspects of the NCA programme. The four-point initiative will involve the production of a new document that sets out essential criteria and principles for NCA. This work will be based on pioneering work undertaken in Australia and the document will be available by April 2012. HQIP are also promising (before the end of 2011) a new system for obtaining stakeholder feedback on NCAs and a review of the quality of existing funded NCAs from April 2012. These changes come on the back of a series of reviews conducted on the national clinical audit programme that have identified ongoing issues and they will be geared to improving the quality of NCAs. Click here to read more about HQIP’s new strategy for national audit.

CASC Excel Tools: You said, we did…


In September 2011, the Clinical Audit Support Centre launched a generic excel tool designed to assist healthcare professionals undertake data collection and analysis for simple local audit projects. Initial feedback on the tool was excellent but we received a number of comments from clinical audit professionals on how the excel tool could be improved. Suggestions included: making the tool available in a wider range of formats and subtle changes to the design and layout of the data entry sheet. We are delighted to announce that all of the upgrades have now been made and the CASCExcel tool is now available in both xlsx and xls formats. To find out more, click here.

HQIP urgently want your views on 4 different issues!


The Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership are currently seeking the views of clinical audit professionals on a range of important issues. As previously reported in this eNewsletter, HQIP are eager to set up a professional body for quality improvement professionals and they would like views from clinical audit staff on taking this work forward. Click here to register your views on the professional body for QI. HQIP have also recently announced details of a consultation relating to Quality Accounts for 2012-13 and you can find out more and pass on your views by clicking here. HQIP are also keen to gain views on their latest position paper looking at what should be done with regard to training and learning for quality improvement and you can register your views by clicking here. The National Joint Registry (NJR) has launched a three-minute survey regarding its website. Click here to register your views.

Book now for CASC training courses


The Clinical Audit Support Centre are running a number of accredited courses in Spring 2012. These include: the ever-popular Healthcare Leadership course on 26th January and Advanced Clinical Audit on 6th March. Both courses have an exceptional reputation and allow delegates to attain relevant accreditation. Our Train the Trainer course on 7th March will incorporate guidance on how to utilise the new Clinical Audit Teaching Toolkit and enables learners to obtain a generic teaching qualification. We are running our accredited Root Cause Analysis Masterclass in Leicester on 14th March. Our clinical audit distance-learning course allows learners to conduct a clinical audit project with the support of a mentor over a 12 month period and learners can join at any point. All of our courses have been assessed and approved by academic bodies and empower learners to gain suitable qualifications for the work that they conduct in quality improvement. To find out more visit the training section of our website by clicking here.

HQIP CEO reports in relation to the Francis inquiry


Those with an interest in clinical audit and wider management of healthcare should take the opportunity to read a detailed paper written by Robin Burgess that has been submitted at the request of the Francis inquiry. The paper looks at ‘How can information be better used in the NHS’. There are a number of interesting statements, including ‘HQIP believes that clinicians in all disciplines, working with patients, should take the lead in collecting data that is relevant to the care that they provide’. It will be fascinating to see how clinicians respond to this viewpoint given that current arrangements for clinical audit work within revalidation plans state that clinicians do not have to collect their clinical audit data. Further, Burgess states that ‘the [audit] cycle is not complete until a change programme has been put in place and over time has shown continuing improvement’. However, given that CASC studies have shown that Trusts typically report a re-audit rate of under 40% it is clear that much more attention needs to be paid to ensuring that clinical audit extends beyond just data collection and the reporting of results. Click here to read the 7-page paper. In addition, Mr Burgess has recorded a video for the Mid Staffordshire NHS Foundation Trust public inquiry that provides details of HQIP’s experience of managing data flow. Click here to watch the video.

Book now for Clinical Audit and Improvement 2012 conference


Healthcare Conferences have recently released details for their Clinical Audit and Improvement conference that is taking place in London from 7-8 February 2012. The event is being chaired by Robin Burgess and includes a series of HQIP masterclasses looking at: Training and Educating Clinical Audit, Cross Sector Pathway Audit and Social Care Audit. Simon Bennett will be providing national updates from the Department of Health and HQIP clinical champions will be facilitating a number of sessions. The event will also feature presentations by local audit professionals that include: making cost savings though clinical audit and involving patients in clinical audit. The event is sponsored by HQIP and clinical audit staff who book onto the conference can gain a 30% discount on the current two-day NHS rate of £594. For more details of the event, please click here.

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Since we launched our E Newsletter in February 2007 over 1,000 healthcare professionals have signed up! The E News is free and delivered direct to your email account every two months. The newsletter provides you with a mix of CASC-related and other clinical audit news to help you keep up to date with what is happening in the world of clinical audit. Don’t forget, if you have missed a previous issue of E News please visit the community section of our website where all previous issues are archived. Please email to sign up for your copy: info@clinicalauditsupport.com

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