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Accredited courses 2022

Obviously the COVID-19 pandemic has had a considerable impact on our ability as a business to deliver classroom-based training. However, in recent times we have seen more organisations looking for face-to-face in-house training and we are happy to quote for and provide this. We also offer clinical audit as a distance-learning course, full details of which you can access here. Recently we have set up our Fundamentals in Clinical Audit online access anytime course and details of this are available here. Currently, we have partnered with Healthcare Conferences UK to offer all of our training via their virtual training platforms. If you want to know more about clinical audit, click here. For root cause analysis and patient safety training, click here.


The Clinical Audit Support Centre excels in the delivery of high quality training courses. The CASC co-Directors have facilitated training since the mid-1990s and most CASC courses are accredited. Accreditation enables learners to gain certification for their work but also means CASC courses are externally assessed and meet the requirements of the Open College Network West Midlands. Our courses provide learners with key information in an understandable format and we focus on ensuring our courses meet all learning styles by making them practical, interactive, fun and inspiring. We have developed a range of training courses that cater for healthcare professionals of differing backgrounds, abilities and experience. Many clinical audit and QI professionals have attended our courses. Click here, to see a timeline that explains how our training has evolved and developed.

Who delivers our courses?

Tracy and/or Stephen deliver all CASC courses, although from time-to-time we may ask other experts in their field to partner with us. All tutors on our accredited courses are required to hold 1) qualifications in the discipline in which they are teaching and 2) a nationally approved teaching qualification. CASC co-Directors have considerable experience in delivering training and both helped compile the Clinical Audit Teaching Toolkit (commissioned as best practice in the field by the Healthcare Quality Improvement Partnership). CASC tutors have experience of training staff from a variety of healthcare settings and across a range of countries.

What do attendees think of our courses?

As part of our work, the Clinical Audit Support Centre evaluates all training and teaching workshops that we deliver. After each course, all learners receive a report that features feedback from learners plus signposting to additional materials. In 2014 we undertook a comprehensive online survey of all learners who had completed our courses and gone on to gain the relevant certification. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, but we incorporated a number of comments to further enhance the content and delivery of our training. We have created a number of infographics that provide more details in terms of the feedback received from learners.

Our courses: in Leicester and available in-house

We offer a range of courses that focus on: improving patient care, enhancing patient safety and assuring quality within a healthcare setting. Courses are regularly held in Leicester, but we can conduct in-house training to save time, accommodation and travel costs. The following section provides details of each course that we deliver.

Advanced Clinical Audit

The Advanced Clinical Audit course covers everything you need to know about clinical audit in one-day! The course explains the clinical audit process in detail and attendees will leave with a full understanding of clinical audit and will be able to project manage their own clinical audit projects. Advanced Clinical Audit also covers challenging issues that audit professionals face, e.g. overcoming typical barriers to successful audit and how to get patients involved. The course is accredited at Level 3 and further details can be found by clicking here. To see feedback on this course, click here.

Train the Trainer in Clinical Audit

This is the ideal course for those that have to train and inspire others to participate in clinical audit. Content for the course focuses on how to use the Clinical Audit Teaching Toolkit that we created for HQIP. As part of the course learners will understand how to: develop lesson plans, profile learners, assess learner needs, get the environment right for learners, etc. Delegates receive copies of the Teaching Toolkit and have the opportunity to practice their training techniques by delivering a ‘mini-teach’. The course is accredited at Level 2 and further details can be found by clicking here. To see feedback on this course, click here.

Clinical Audit Skills Distance Learning Course

If you need support to deliver a local clinical audit project and/or want to know more about clinical audit but can’t attend an external training session, then this course is perfect for you! The Distance Learning course allows staff to learn about clinical audit by carrying out a project in and relevant to their own workplace. All learners receive a comprehensive learner pack and are assigned a tutor who assists them in delivering a successful project over a period of up to 12 months. The course is accredited at Level 3 and further details can be found by clicking here. To see feedback on this course, click here.

Root Cause Analysis Masterclass

Given the ever-increasing focus on patient safety many healthcare teams are now using root cause analysis techniques to review incidents and untoward events. RCA is an established approach, first pioneered by the manufacturing sector that in essence helps us understand why something went wrong. This course provides learners with a full overview of the RCA process plus practical opportunities to try out techniques such as: five whys, fishbone analysis, creating run charts, process mapping, brainstorming, nominal group technique, etc. The course is accredited at Level 3 and further details can be found by clicking here.

Significant Event Audit Masterclass

Significant Event Audit (SEA) is a risk management technique endorsed by the former National Patient Safety Agency and now forms an explicit part of medical revalidation. For many years, SEA has commonly been used by general practitioners and is now starting to be championed by other healthcare professionals. SEA is a quick and user-friendly process that helps to reduce patient safety incidents and enhance communication and teamwork. This one-day course covers all aspects of SEA. The course is accredited at Level 2 and further details can be found by clicking here.

SEA and RCA in one Day

As stated above, healthcare professionals and teams are expected to deliver safe care to patients and to ensure they have robust mechanisms in place to investigate and learn from failures. This course provides learners with an opportunity to gain key skills in both root cause analysis and significant event audit in just one day. Learning is fast-paced and practical, all learners are provided with a wide range of relevant materials that can be applied and implemented locally after the course. The course is accredited at Level 3 and further details can be found by clicking here.

Getting started with Quality Improvement

In recent years there has been a move towards healthcare professionals measuring the quality and safety of their care by using a wide variety of different techniques. The purpose of this course is to provide learners with a full appreciation of the various methods that sit in the QI toolbox. As part of the day learners will be given more details on: Plan, Do, Study, Act (PDSA), The Model for Improvement, Process Mapping, Run Charts, RCA techniques (Cause and Effect, Five Whys, etc.), Clinical Audit and much more! Further details can be found by clicking here.

Healthcare Leadership Day

People often settle for mediocrity… why? This challenging one-day workshop focuses on excellence and is relevant to all healthcare professionals, especially those working in the field of quality assurance. In recent years reports by the likes of Berwick, Keogh and Francis have identified that failures in healthcare often link to ineffective or absent leadership. The purpose of this course is to help individuals understand the principle of ‘leadership without title’ and focus on what characteristics and attributes effective leaders display. This course is currently only available in-house. To find out more, click here.

Other courses

If you would like training and the course you are looking for is not listed above, then please contact us. We work with a wide range of training providers and so we are often able to put you in touch with others who can deliver precisely what you are looking for.


The Clinical Audit Support Centre is an Open College Network West Midlands Region (OCNWM) approved Centre. Our relationship with OCNWM assures learners our courses are validated by an Ofqual-regulated national awarding body. OCNWM quality assures and accredits a wide range of courses for adult learners. OCNWMR scrutinize our training and on annual basis: our teaching sessions are observed to ensure they meet the required standard, we are subject to an annual visit where all our materials are reviewed, a selection of assignments submitted by learners are routinely checked by a moderator, etc. To find out more about how we work with the OCNWM, click here. To find out more about the process that learners who wish to gain accreditation for their work must follow, click here.


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